2018: How it was

Short and concise post about our achievements in 2018 with information about new projects!

2018 was incredible for us.
We were involved in crypto-projects and immersed in this industry.
We also visited a lot of international conferences and built strong connections. Some of them have become reliable partners and clients.
We completed our work on the betting protocol PROOF OF TOSS based on smart contracts. We also received several international awards for this project.
We have packed the crypto exchange, one of our developments, into the out-of-the-box solution and started to acquire new experience for us in the promotion and sales of IT products.
In 2018 we disbanded our SEO department and started to develop our new affiliate company ToTheMoon Lab, that offers marketing services for various clients in IT and blockchain industries.
Next year we are planning to advance in current industries and open the new ones.