2021 recap

2021 is over and we are summing it up.

  • The year was very successful for our company in terms of financial indicators – we steadily grew every quarter in terms of both turnover and profit.

  • In parallel with custom client development, AXIOMA began to develop a new direction – the creation of its own products together with business partners.

  • The past year showed an acute shortage of professional developers in the market, so we put a lot of effort into setting up a recruitment system: finding and evaluating of new programmers.

  • We have developed and launched two pilot projects on a new platform for buying, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies. This platform will be the basis for development of projects that include any components of a cryptobank.

  • We have continued what we do especially well: consistent cooperation with our long-term customers. We replenished the dedicated teams with new engineers and were engaged in the development of competencies within the teams.

  • This year we stopped supporting Axioma Exchange, a centralized crypto exchange that we have been developing for several years. The demand for these solutions has almost disappeared on the market, and keeping such a complex project up to date takes too much effort.

  • In many projects that we develop for our clients, we are under NDA, therefore, in a short line, without details and links, the new blockchain projects of 2021 at AXIOMA:
    • We participated in the creation of a solution for scaling the Ethereum network based on ZK-rollups
    • Helped create an NFT bank based on the Solana blockchain
    • We continued to develop a new blockchain based on Bitshares

In general, we are extremely pleased with how this year passed for our company. We conducted new experiments, but did not forget about the development of our strengths. The coming 2022 will be a year of strengthening and expanding competencies. See you soon!

Konstantin Rukin

Konstantin Rukin

founder, CFO