Blockchain Research & Development

We provide research and development services to help you make the right choice and analyze the capabilities of different blockchains

What is

Blockchain R&D

We are a team of qualified professionals specializing in blockchain development. We provide our clients with cutting-edge Research and Development services, ensuring that their business runs on the right technology stack. We are experienced in researching, prototyping, and developing blockchain-based applications and can help you make the right decisions to keep your business running efficiently. By cooperating with our team, businesses will get the most out of blockchain and take advantage of the new features and functions that this technology has to offer. 

When Blockchain R&D is necessary

Planning new development

An R&D phase is necessary when we plan to develop a new project, as it helps to ensure that it will be built on a strong foundation. This phase includes selection, research, and prototyping on the chosen technology to ensure the system’s security, reliability, and efficiency. Creating a roadmap outlines the project’s goals, objectives and development milestones, and helps identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. The R&D phase plays a key role in developing the appropriate architecture, tokenomic (if applicable), and choosing the right blockchain platform and infrastructure. All these stages are crucial for successful project development.

Testing a hypotesys

In the realm of custom development, especially in complex domains like blockchain, the R&D phase becomes critical. Before diving into the development process, it’s essential to understand the intricacies and nuances of business requirements and align them with the technical constraints and capabilities of various blockchain technologies, tools, and approaches. This preliminary phase allows us to navigate the potential challenges and complexities we might face. By engaging in R&D, we’re not only gaining a clearer understanding of the task at hand but also validating new hypotheses and approaches. This proactive approach ensures that our custom solutions are both efficient and robust, catering precisely to the unique needs of our clients.

Development Services

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The Process

We work on the AGILE/SCRUM methodology

Sprints Planning

Every two weeks (every sprint) the development team together with a client conducts two mandatory activities – performing of the results that had been accomplished for the previous sprint and work planning for upcoming one. Therefore, the client obtains a complete picture of current project status every two weeks and, moreover, can adjust the requirements.

Daily Standups

15-minutes team-meetings every day that gives synchronization of all activities and hardships prevention. If needed, our developers and management from a client’s party can be involved.


There is a retrospective once in a sprint where the development team can discuss and quickly fix all technical and organizational difficulties within a certain project. If needed, the developers and management from a client’s party can be involved.

Our approach
How do we get there

We provide skilled Agile teams of talented professionals that create custom web-based solutions. Specializing on complex high-load projects, our teams have solid experience in multiple sectors and will meet your highest expectations. We are reliable partners. We work efficiently and deliver on time. Our goal is to provide high quality solutions and build long term relationships. Trust us to be your reliable partner.

Stable and predictable work

We do our job thoroughly, qualitatively and absolutely transparently for the client. We don’t disappear, waste time or make excuses. You know what our team is working on at all times.

top notch solutions

We maintain great quality of our production throughout the full development lifecycle. We use behavior-driven development, code review and pair programming. And pay special attention to security and performance of the project. Our projects are easy to scale and support.

We solve complex tasks

Our lead engineers carry over 10 years of web development experience. We have solid experience in high load and complex web projects, including aggregation websites, social networks, banking and trade systems, location-based services, apps for social networks and so on. We use state-of-the-art technological solutions in our development processes.

Living up to your expectations

We know how to create an effective development process as well as comfortable and clear communication with our client. We are working in an Agile software development model, which suites best for development of large custom web solutions. With the help of SCRUM, Kanban and Lean Development we are able to maintain the highest level of development quality, deliver in due time and live up to your expectations. You can find more detailed information about our work processes below

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