Cards Remote Services


Ready-made solution for banks and processing centres that offer e-commerce services for acquirers or plastic card issuers.

System features for acquirers

  • Processing of internet payments by the vendor with help of payment form without access of the vendor to card details and also with the help of the direct SOAP interface;
  • Authentication of user cards via 3D Secure technology (Merchant Plugin Interface);
  • Control of payment condition via graphic interface.


System features for issuers

  • Authentication of cards via 3D Secure (Access Control Server) technology;
  • Control of payment conditions via graphic interface;
  • Management of registered card status (is 3D Secure permitted).

Expanded system functionality

  • Tokenization;
  • Original Credits;
  • Refunds;
  • Partial reversals and deposits;
  • Subscriptions, rebilling, recurring;
  • Regimes SMS and DMS;
  • Disputing operations notification;
  • Fraud operations notification;
  • Integration support with external MPI modules;
  • Possibility of parallel work with several banks;
  • Multi-language of user interface.

System components

  • Cards Remote Services CORE – core of the system responsible for storage and processing of all data;
  • Host Security Module – hardware solution for encryption, translation and other cryptographic operations operations;
  • Cards Remote Services GUI – web application, communicating with CRS CORE via SOAP protocol. Ensures convenient graphic web-interface for Cards Remote Services for users of three categories: Vendors, bank employees, payment card holders.
  • Card Remote Services SOAP – ensures secure integration of system Cards Remote Services and external systems.

Component solution for acquirers

Component solution for issuers




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