Lazurnij Bereg

Sales agency and real estate servicing in France


Site for demanding clients in Lux segment. Convenient representation of objects from catalog of real estate

Agency of transaction support in purchasing, sale, lease and servicing real estate prestige class on the French Riviera.


Design of the new site we have drawn in minimalist style.
In total, we have prepared 20 unique page layouts.

The previous version of the site done by us, too, but over time our client’s business has grown – it was time to update. It’s nice that this task was entrusted to us.

Accent is made on convenient display of information about apartments, houses and villas with French Riviera. In addition, in the updated version of the site there is an extended catalog search.

Website looks nice on desktop and tablet devices.


Thorough SEO-optimization, from the stage of architectural design

Automated algorithms for object management in catalog

Set of modern technologies: Symfony Framework, Sphinx Search, JS и Ajax

SEO optimization

The main task is– to attract people from Yandex and Google search who want to buy elite real estate on French Riviera.

We have made maximum semantic core, which included:

  • all locations (Монако, Канны…)
  • all property types, and synonyms (квартиры, апартаменты, виллы…)
  • words-actions (купить, покупка, продажа…)

We made a complete optimization of landing pages for the selected keywords. At the same time the content on the pages complies with all user requirements.

Six months later we were in TOP 10 Yandex by large number of keywords, for example:

элитная недвижимость на лазурном берегу
Тоp 1 Yandex
купить виллу в кап антибе
Тоp 2 Yandex
квартира лазурный берег франции
Тоp 2 Yandex
агентство недвижимости лазурный берег
Тоp 3 Yandex
вилла лазурный берег франции
Тоp 2 Yandex


Site worthy of premium segment

First places in Google and Yandex by keywords


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