About the company

AXIOMA was founded in 2009. At that time, the founders already had many years of experience in the industry, and they understood that they did not want to create similar websites to the ones they had already created. Over the next 8 years AXIOMA has developed interesting and complex projects in many different sectors: fintech, e-commerce, gaming and many others. Particular attention was paid to the construction and optimization of the company’s internal processes.There were crises, ups and downs, but it was always both a search for the most effective business model and experiments with the new market niches and business sectors.

In 2017, these experiments led us into the crypto industry. This industry is particularly demanding to the level of developers, quality and coding. Thanks to our experience, we quickly adapted to the special requirements and focused on problem solving for this industry.

In 2022 we launched WhiteFlo – software solution for providing clients with services for operations with cryptocurrency in various configurations, from business wallet to instant crypto exchange to crypto acquiring for merchants.

In 2023 we dived into AI development to contribute to the expansion of this new and promising industry.

Konstantin Rukin
founder, CFO
Eugene Pavlenko
founder, CTO&CEO



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